The TRUTH about Credit Cards
If you're like most people, the most common way to spend money today is with plastic. Since more places take credit or debit cards and many of these cards offer rewards or cash back, it is no wonder they are so easy to use. But this convenience can come at a cost. If you don't keep detailed records of your spending, using the card can lead to spending more than you normally would.
When you use cash for your regular daily purchases, you have a physical connection to your available money, and you can visually see how much you have and how much you spend. With a card, it's all digital and you may not review your purchases until the end of the day, week, or even month. By then, the money has long been spent. But with cash, you open your wallet or purse and immediately know how much you have available to spend, and it may keep you from buying something you don't need. So, if you have trouble keeping your spending under control, you may want to consider giving cash a try.
A huge proponent of this is Dave Ramsey, a financial guru that has helped millions of people just like you to slip the surly bonds of oppressive debt and enjoy a fulfilling life, completely, 100% debt free!
As a Certified Dave Ramsey Councilor, we can offer the best solutions for your money concerns. From the Financially Stressed tot he Financially Blessed.
Sound too good to be true, or beyond you? Click the image and find out more.


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